Yoshinobu Mukai

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Yoshinobu Mukai
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Alliance Insignia.png Western Alliance
ANS Yamato

Yoshinobu Mukai (向井義信) is a character in Starlancer.


Captain of the Yamato. The youngest graduate in Academy history, graduating top of his class at age 19, he rose through the ranks without a blemish on his record. His leadership has produced kill ratios among the highest in the Alliance, and he is renowned for his coolness and depth of military knowledge. Once one of the best fighter pilots of his generation, he played a vital role in some of the later, more hazardous colonization campaigns. He's not known for his charisma as a senior officer, but he still commands great respect from his pilots and superiors. An excellent strategic mind. Fair and calm, but tough.

Military history

Top of his class in the Academy. Extensive military strategy and combat experience. Qualified on all Alliance craft.


  • Mukai makes his first appearance in Mission 2, ordering the broadside strikes that devastate enemy capital ships. After the loss of Captain Foster, the Tigers are rebased to the ANS Yamato and Mukai becomes their commanding officer.