Vladimir Kulov

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Vladmir Kulov
Владимир Кулов
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Eastern Republic
Coalition Insignia.png Eastern Coalition
CS Volga

Vladmir Kulov (Владимир Кулов) is a character in Starlancer.

Background[edit | edit source]

He rose quickly through the ranks, due in no small measure to his connections inside the Coalition Secret Police and Political Council. Kulov has positioned himself as the next great Coalition leader. The destruction of the Franco-Italian fleets was his brainchild, and his greatest military achievement to date. He believes that the Coalition must destroy the Alliance or become a second rate power in the next era of space colonization. Ruthless and cunning, a deadly adversary. His conduct has been morally questionable.

Military history[edit | edit source]

Top graduate of his Kiev Academy class. Extensive military action as a battalion commander. Has coordinated several police actions through the Coalition colonies. Qualified on all Coalition craft.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

  • Kulov remains a presence throughout the game, mostly in the background.

Gallery[edit | edit source]