Trial mission 1

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Trial mission 1
Trial Mis 1.png

110th Pumas

Major targets
  • 3 Tornado-class cruisers
  • 1 class 1 carrier

Trial mission 1 takes place on the day of the Coalition's betrayal and is part of the Demo campaign.

Briefing[edit | edit source]

OK, settle down. Our tour of duty is almost over. This is our last day in Neptune space before we return to Earth.

You all know the news: The Balma Treat is about to be signed on Europa and we can look forward to some R&R when we get back. Having said that, although it spells the end of our troubles with the Coalition, we still have to deal with the increased pirate activity in this area.

As this is our last patrol, let's give the area a good sweep and make sure we leave the area clear of any trouble in our absence.

OK, lock and load ladies and gentlemen. The patrol points have been uploaded to your ships' computers. Take it easy and I'll see you in a few hours.

Recommended loadout[edit | edit source]

  • Coyote: Pack some afterburner and Bandits to deal with enemy fighters and torpedoes.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • You are part of the 409th Ronin on this mission and follow your squad leader on what seems to be a routine patrol mission. After some banter between your wing members and a promise of assigning one of them to trash runs, jump out.
  • You arrive at the first patrol point and debris from an Alliance freighter and her escort. Pirates lurk about. Engage them, but conserve both afterburners and missiles as you do. Once they are down to the last flight, they jump out.
  • You're ordered to jump out and follow them. You find the fighter, alright, along with a fleet of three Tornado-class cruisers hiding in the asteroid belt. Takamatsu realizes the Balma Treaty is a set-up and orders you to jump out to notify the Yamato of the trap.
Defending the Station
  • You jump out to Station LS9, an Alliance listening post. The station is under attack by pirates, but once Takamatsu patches them into his fighter's com link, they are able to start broadcasting an emergency transmission. Anticipating this, a Coalition hunting pack jumps in, consisting of two Kamovs and eight Laggs. The Kamovs immediately launch their torpedoes.
  • Ignore everything else, make a beeline for the torpedoes and dispose of them. The Coyote's proton cannons and Blind Fire make this easy and fast. Then eliminate the Laggs and any pirates. The station will thank you for your assistance and you're ordered to jump out to the Yamato.
Defending the Yamato
  • Yamato is already under attack and all communications are jammed. The pirates are easily destroyed by the Yamato's ship defenses and the 110th Pumas who jump in led by Jake Tanner, after their base carrier was destroyed in the surprise attack.
  • Problems start when the three Tornado-class cruisers jump in assisted by a flight of Ravens and Sabers. The Yamato will fire a torpedo salvo, but the Coalition cruisers will reply in kind.
  • Your job is to take down the torpedoes of the Coalition before they hit the Yamato. Again, the Coyote comes in handy. You need to take out three waves of torpedoes - exactly as many as the Yamato launches.
  • After the cruisers are taken out, a class 1 carrier (sister ship to the CS Pukov) jumps in and starts firing its own torpedoes against the Yamato. The Alliance ship cannot respond, as it depleted its own stock of torpedoes and can only defend itself. Yamato's captain decides to make a stand.
  • After you take down the torpedoes, the ANS Victorious will jump in on the enemy carrier's flank. You're ordered to take down the enemy's shield generator. Once that's accomplished, the Victorious takes down the enemy carrier with a full torpedo salvo, turning an ambush into a decisive victory for the Alliance - one of the few at the outset of The Sol War. After an update on the status of the war, you are ordered to land. Mission accomplished!