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The following are transcripts of game's language files. See ITACLANG.DLL for a full data dump.

Video reports[]

First Strike
The Coalition's signing of the Balma Treaty will end decades of colonial conflict.

Coalition dignitaries arrive on Jupiter's moon Europa to take part in this historic event. All over the solar system Alliance fleets are standing down.

Admiral Kulov was about to land on Europa when his Eastern Coalition forces launched surprise attacks all over the system, catching the Alliance forces by complete surprise. Survivors can now only retreat.

The French and Italian fleets take heavy losses, and prisoners are ruthlessly executed.

Despite putting up fierce resistance, Base Kennedy finally succumbs to insurmountable odds. There are no reports of survivors.

Alliance leaders admit that any hope for a peaceful end to the conflict has gone with the fall of Europa.

Alliance High Command requests that any civilians with flight experience report to their nearest recruitment center for skills evaluation.

Retreat to Triton

War has broken out all over the Sol system, and Alliance losses are severe. The French and Italian fleets are virtually wiped out, and despite valiant attempts by Alliance forces, Earth and all major colonies have been overrun.

Despite these major setbacks the Alliance has rallied, and with the protection of Operation Shield, Alliance craft from all over the system have made the exodus to Triton. The restructuring of the fleet can now begin.

Although the emphasis has been on regrouping, counter strikes against the enemy have taken place, notably the CS Lenin destroyed by the Ronin.


Operation Shield is a major success. Over 45% of the Alliance Fleet has reached the safety of Triton, which is impressive considering the setbacks suffered at the outbreak of the conflict.

The Alliance has taken the fight to the enemy, utilizing hit and run tactics against them. With losses mounting, and supply lines under constant attack, the Coalition forward fleet is forced to withdraw to Titan.

Foster's Last Stand

Captain Robert Foster sacrifices his life to save his pilots and crew along with several other vessels in the vicinity. With the Tigers fighting insurmountable odds, Foster turns the ANS Reliant around and rams the CS Volga, destroying both the Reliant and the Volga, but allowing the Tigers and other vessels to withdraw.

Sacrifice of War

The push towards the liberation of Titan continues. In a series of battles to loosen the enemy's hold over the colony, forward fleets from both sides clash. After a number of brutal encounters the Coalition's Forward Fleet is all but destroyed.

The advances come at a cost, with the loss of top guns the Vampires and their base carrier the Bremen. Reports implicate the infamous Black Guard.

Also lost is the ANS Reliant. Her squadron, the Tigers, evacuate before she is rammed into the CS Volga by her captain, Robert Foster. Both carriers are destroyed. This sacrifice saves the heavily damaged ANS Victorious from certain destruction.

The Battle for Titan

The battle for Titan continues. Fighting is fierce with the forward fleet concentrating its attacks against Titan's orbiting defense platforms.

One target posing a deadly threat is a Coalition ION Cannon. It was destroyed by squadrons from the forward fleet, but its elimination comes at a cost, with the loss of the ANS Victorious.

During the campaign, Admiral Kulov, architect of the Deimos betrayal, is captured on his way to a morale-boosting tour of the Coalition front line.

With the elimination of all Coalition orbital defenses around Titan, construction of Fort Bear is green lighted.

The liberation of Titan is now only weeks away, with the forward task force moving into position just off the planet.

News reports[]

Date Report
June 23, 2160. Since Alliance High Command sent orders out for the regrouping of the Fleet around Neptune, there has been a steady stream of survivors arriving from our former colonies and orbital bases across the Sol system. These heroes, who in many cases have risked their lives to reach safety, have provided us with many eyewitness reports of events on our former colonies.

These reports indicate that after putting up valiant resistance, many of our captured troops and civilians have been summarily executed or detained. Other reports tell of civilians being herded into holding camps and being used as forced labor without adequate food or water.

Also this week, the recently recommissioned ANS Reliant, under the command of the highly decorated Captain Robert Foster, began operational duties with members of the newly trained 45th Volunteer squadron. Spirits were high as the rookie unit left their transit station for deployment.

In other news, Allied Command has once again asked Alliance citizens to contribute what they can to the war effort. Any requisite resources should be brought into the posted collection centers, and all of us are asked to do our best to preserve our water and food supply.

June 24, 2160. This week the Alliance Forward Fleet brought home many more refugees from the conflict engulfing our solar system. Klaus Steiner, the commander of the elite German squadron the "Vampires" and leading Allied ace, received the Medal of Valor in a ceremony aboard the Carrier ANS Bremen. Steiner heroically saved an Alliance civilian transport, when he took out all six fighters in a Coalition hunting pack.

Also this week, attacks on Alliance Convoys have increased. These attacks were previously assumed to be Coalition hunting packs, but sources in the military now suspect pirate activity.

In news just in, the occupying Coalition forces on Mars have mercilessly crushed a revolt by Alliance citizens. Survivors report whole settlements were levelled by Coalition troops, and random executions were being performed to keep the population in line. Back at Alliance HQ, Command has asked for citizens to volunteer to house the ever-growing numbers of refugees.

July 10, 2160. In what has become known as "Operation Shield", Alliance Fleet has started to slowly stem the shipping losses that have plagued Alliance supply routes over recent weeks.

Flying off the ANS Yamato, the Ronin surprised and destroyed the Coalition Cruiser CS Potchenka. High Command believes the Potchenka was acting as a forward command ship for Coalition hunting packs. Senior military sources are said to be encouraged that our frontline squadrons are now striking back at the enemy.

This week also brought the sad news of the destruction of the Alliance squadron known as the Hornets. While protecting innocent civilian transports, the Hornets were ambushed by the notorious Black Guard, led by Ivan "The Butcher" Petrov. Petrov earned his name after he ordered the execution of prisoners and civilians when Alliance forces finally surrendered on Mars.

July 19, 2160. Allied top ace Klaus Steiner and his Vampire squadron made a daring attack on a strategic enemy target believed to be a top secret technology facility deep within Coalition space. Alliance command would not comment in detail, but sources said that members of the newly formed 45th Volunteers also participated.

Today, Allied High Command indicted Admiral Kulov for war crimes. One of the Coalition's most senior military leaders, Kulov is believed to be responsible for the surprise attacks at the onset of the war, as well as the slaughter of countless civilians and prisoners of war.

Although the Forward Fleet has held the front-line quadrants against the Coalition, the situation remains critical and supplies throughout the remaining Alliance colonies are dwindling. Admiral Caldwell said that the people of the Alliance must give their leaders and military time to relieve the situation. Admiral Caldwell did not give additional details.

August 7, 2160. Alliance Command reports that the deployment of our fortifications off Neptune is proceeding well, with a net of early warning satellites and defense forts having now been laid around sectors surrounding Neptune.

Also today, the stream of incoming refugees continues, although military sources are sure that this influx cannot last much longer. With the fall of Fort Arthur, and with Fort Rushmore, our only remaining military outpost, under constant attack, the Alliance continues to fall back to the sectors surrounding Neptune.

In more news, the US Squadron Hellcats has been re-assigned from Neptune's home defense fleet to the carrier ANS Endeavor. Military sources report that the carrier is now ready for full operational duties.

August 15, 2160. The week's main story is the continuing piracy taking place in and around Alliance space. The activity has intensified, with reports that rogue Alliance units have carried out some of these actions. Although High Command has not confirmed these reports, an internal inquiry is underway over an incident involving a Colonel John McGann, a respected veteran wing leader who is believed to be implicated in several recent incidents of piracy.

In other news the Cougars, the ANS Mitchell's fighter contingent, were involved in a running battle with a Coalition carrier group. The Cougars are reported to have destroyed two of the cruiser escorts, as well as a number of their fighters. The Cougars were said to have executed a precision attack on the Coalition force, causing the group to withdraw towards Saturn.

August 26, 2160. Alliance High Command has once again honored fighter Ace Klaus Steiner. In what has been called a noble action, Steiner saved a civilian hospital transport, under attack by Coalition forces. Steiner drew away enemy forces, giving his squadron time to move in and protect the convoy. Several enemy fighters believed to be from the infamous Black Sun squadron were destroyed. Admiral Caldwell awarded Steiner the Navy Cross on board the ANS Bremen.

The Admiral, already the most powerful military commander in Alliance Command, has announced that he will run for the Presidency of the newly formed Alliance Senate. The elected president will be the presiding leader of all the Alliance member nations until such time as hostilities cease. If elected, Caldwell will not only be the Allied Forces supreme commander, but also the leader of all free people in the Sol system.

September 22, 2160. With Fort Rushmore off Uranus now in Coalition hands, the Neptune quadrant remains the only free territory left in Sol. Many survivors from Fort Rushmore have safely escaped, but once again there have been reports of the wholesale murder of escaping civilians and military personnel. Alliance High Command believes that the refugees from Rushmore will be the last to make it to safety. Military sources indicate that the Coalition is closing a net around Neptune, and no more craft will get through without heavy military escort.

The fighter pilots of the fleet are again taking the limelight as the Jackals and the 45th Volunteers received tributes for their efforts over the past few months. The 45th, who have achieved some surprising results for a rookie outfit, were commended by High Command. Most people felt that units like the 45th should be used only for light duties because they lacked previous military experience. The 45th, however, are certainly starting to change that perception.

October 30, 2160. Pirate activity continues along the Alliance's forward quadrants. A number of cargo and supply vessels have been commandeered by highly skilled pilots, certainly from a military background.

Command issued a statement today warning all military and civilian convoys to be vigilant and to report any sightings immediately. All attempts to track the rogue units have failed. Command confirmed, however, that these rogue units are being led by Colonel John McGann, a veteran Alliance squadron leader believed lost in action several weeks ago.

In other news, the first opinion polls for the upcoming presidential election are in. There seems to be little competition for Admiral Caldwell, who, if elections were to take place today, would be voted into office with 73% of the popular vote.

November 13, 2160. The re-grouped Alliance Fleet has moved into a new phase of the war. For months the fleet has been fighting a desperate defensive action, but in the last few weeks fleet operations have become more aggressive. Admiral Caldwell, who was asked to comment on these operations, stated, \""It is high time to take the war to our enemies.\""

More reports have been received of wide scale violations of our colonists on Mars. It is believed thousands have been killed or detained in recent days after starving citizens began protests as the Coalition Council imposed new harsh rationing measures.

Alliance Command has stated that all members of the Council will be placed on trial come the day of our victory and that justice will be done, no matter what the cost.

November 21, 2160. Colonel Pierre Besson, a high ranking French intelligence officer was arrested today on charges of espionage. Reports indicate that his wife supplied information that led to his arrest. Colonel Besson had top security clearance. There are no details yet on the sensitivity of the information he passed on, or how long he was involved in these activities.

Pirate activity is once again on the rise, with reports of another Alliance military convoy coming under attack. Sources within the military have indicated that this activity is becoming a major problem. Not only are supplies threatened, but additional military escorts must be diverted to protect every major convoy route. Military Intelligence has not yet located the pirates' base of operations. With the war escalating, it may be some time before these rogue units are brought to justice.

January 4, 2161. Reports have come in that the Alliance Forward Fleet has made its most daring raid yet, attacking a docking facility in orbit around Saturn. This long-range attack illustrates the Alliance's determination to take the fight to the enemy, and signifies how far Alliance forces have come this year. After the Deimos betrayal, Alliance forces seemed close to defeat. With our forces now on the offensive, pressure is being relieved on our remaining stations around Neptune.

Fort Rushmore near Uranus has been returned to Alliance control. The carriers Endeavor, Bremen, and Yamato, supported by marines, attacked and destroyed Coalition forces defending the base. Admiral Caldwell said in a statement "The liberation of Fort Rushmore is a testament to the skill and bravery of our forces. In times to come it will be seen as the first step that propelled us towards the liberation of our former territories."

February 2, 2161. At the trial of the alleged traitor, Colonel Pierre Besson, the prosecution presented their charges. The most notable was that Besson passed on the location and activities of the Alliance Fleet before the onset of the war, which gave the Coalition the element of surprise. If found guilty, he is likely to be sentenced to death.

In another report, the Italian 503 squadron known as the Stingers encountered a heavily defended Coalition convoy. The Stingers made a valiant attempt to destroy what was believed to be the carrier CS Krelov and its fighters. The Stingers, however, were all but destroyed and the remnants of the squadron have withdrawn awaiting further reinforcements.

There is no news of survivors. Reports suggest pilots were gunned down in their ejection pods before the convoy moved on. Once again the Coalition has illustrated its disregard for any code of military conduct or human rights.

Alliance Senators expressed outrage and have vowed to bring those responsible to justice. At this time, however, our thoughts must go to the families of those brave servicemen and women.

February 21, 2161. Morale remains high as reports indicate that the Coalition is pulling back their hunting packs to regroup around Saturn. It is believed, however, that the bulk of the Coalition units are heading for front-line quadrants to reinforce its Forward Fleet. Alliance forces are in full readiness for what is likely to become the bloodiest phase in the war.

In other news, the 45th Volunteers have found themselves a new name. A remark by Allied top ace, Klaus Steiner, has taken hold. Steiner compared their bravery and skill to the "Flying Tigers" of Earth's Second World War squadron. Alliance command officially changed the squadron name to the "45th Tigers" in recognition of their achievements. Well done, Tigers!

March 6, 2161. Alliance forces, including the Carriers Yamato and Washington, pushed far into Coalition lines in recent operations, destroying a number of enemy convoys, as well as a Coalition forward supply base. Although Coalition forces attempted to counter attack, further losses along their front lines denied them reinforcements. Once again new aggressive tactics seem to be paying off, as the Coalition is forced onto the defensive.

Admiral Caldwell is now almost certainly going to be voted in as the First Alliance President, after his main challenger, Terrance Hanlay, withdrew from the leadership contest. Hanlay, who refused to be interviewed, sent a press release stating that he was pulling out of the race due to ill health.

April 15, 2161. A report this week states that Alliance forces, led by the 45th Tigers flying off the ANS Reliant, found and destroyed a mercenary base used by deserters from both Alliance and Coalition forces. Military intelligence believes this was most certainly the base of operations responsible for the recent convoy raids. Admiral Caldwell commended the Tigers performance, saying they are an example for all in the Alliance.

The final chapter closed today on the trial of Colonel Pierre Besson. The court found him guilty of three counts of treason and sentenced him to death. Colonel Besson had remained silent throughout the damning evidence at his trial, and even when sentenced gave no hint of emotion. He is due to be executed by firing squad on Sunday.

May 25, 2161. Alliance forces have had several notable victories over the last few weeks. Coalition forces, however, have hit back, striking deep into Alliance lines. Supply routes were cut as our convoys were attacked and destroyed. In one skirmish, the ANS Valiant, commanded by Admiral Jacobs, was destroyed.

This Coalition attack group was lead by the Carrier CS Pukov, base ship of the Black Guard. The Pukov has since returned to Coalition lines.

Alliance top ace Klaus Steiner, who was a close friend of Admiral Jacobs, stated that the Black Guard would pay dearly for their actions.

June 6, 2161. The Alliance Fleet achieved its greatest victory yet. In a combined operation, the fleet destroyed a Coalition Class-1 carrier, the Gegarin. The loss of one of the Coalition's largest carriers will be a heavy burden for the Coalition, but most importantly it is a symbol to the Alliance that this is a war that can be won.

Even with this victory, military sources were quick to point out that the Coalition is far from reeling. Latest reports indicate that the Coalition still has twice as many Carriers as the Alliance.

June 24, 2161. Alliance Command has reported the sad loss of one of their most respected officers, Captain Robert Foster. Captain Foster, who is credited with turning the 45th Volunteers into one of the best squadrons in the Alliance Fleet, sacrificed his life to save his pilots and crew along with several other vessels in the vicinity. With the Tigers fighting insurmountable odds, Foster rammed the ANS Reliant into the CS Volga, destroying both the Reliant and the Volga, but allowing the Tigers and other vessels to withdraw.

Alliance Command has ordered that the ANS Yamato, the base ship of the Ronin squadron, will now also become the permanent home for the 45th Tigers.

July 11, 2161. The last few weeks in the war have been a mix of great sorrow and fortune for the Alliance. This week brings the worst news for the Alliance since the beginning of the war. Klaus Steiner, top Allied ace and hero, along with the rest of the Vampire squadron were ambushed and killed by Ivan Petrov and the Black Guard. Their carrier the ANS Bremen was also destroyed.

The news has shaken morale throughout the Alliance, as Steiner and his squadron were rated as the Alliance's best. Their demise at the hands of the Butcher Petrov has added insult to injury, for an Alliance that only weeks ago seemed to be turning the tide of the war.

Admiral Caldwell called on Alliance forces to redouble their efforts in the wake of Steiner's death, calling on squadrons such as the Tigers to step up and help drive the Coalition out of the occupied territories.

August 11, 2161. The breaking news today from Alliance Command is that Admiral Kulov, one of the Alliance's most wanted war criminals, has been captured. Kulov, who masterminded the Coalition surprise attack at the beginning of the war, is also believed to be behind the cold-blooded murder of many prisoners of war and civilians.

The news is a great boost for Alliance forces after the loss of Klaus Steiner. It also seems that Admiral Caldwell's emotional and influential speech after the death of Steiner paid off, as once again the Tigers were the lead unit involved in the attack and capture of Kulov.

The Alliance continues to push forward to Saturn's moons. Reports suggest that the Allied liberation of Titan is not far off, a move which can only strengthen the Alliance by gaining many new resources for the war effort.

September 21, 2161. With the news of the destruction of the Coalition's capital-ship killer gun near Titan, it seems that the capture of the moon is inevitable. Transports carrying troops for the invasion have been leaving in huge numbers from Neptune space, for almost a month now. Although Coalition forces on Titan are cut off, reports indicate that the Coalition has dispatched their Second Fleet to break the Allied blockade. High Command is strengthening its position around Saturn, in order to give its forces time to liberate Titan.

News of the impending liberation of Titan is being met with mixed emotions. Many are excited that they may see family members stranded since the outbreak of the conflict. Others fear the worst, recalling the terrible reports of the treatment of civilians and prisoners during the early months of the conflict.

October 17, 2161. The war almost took a very serious turn for the worst this week. Alliance Forces supporting the liberation of Titan were caught off guard when a Coalition force bypassed Saturn and attempted a surprise attack at Alliance HQ around Neptune. Once again it was the Tigers and Ronin flying off the Yamato who cut off the Coalition group from Alliance Command, and led the assault, destroying several enemy vessels and support craft. With the main assault force broken up, the Coalition retreated back to their own lines.

Alliance forces blockading Saturn's moon Titan have successfully held Coalition reinforcements at bay, allowing Alliance ground forces time to push the Coalition back on the ground. Reports indicate that almost a third of Titan has been liberated and although it seems only a matter of time before an Allied victory there, the conflict has already claimed over one million Alliance lives.

November 5, 2161 Reports are being received that Klaus Steiner, believed killed in action, is alive and has been rescued from the hands of the Coalition. The Flying Tigers led the rescue to free Steiner, who was being held prisoner aboard a Coalition prison ship.

Military sources have not yet commented on the condition of Steiner or details of the action. Steiner is recuperating aboard the ANS Yamato. The news is spreading fast throughout the Alliance Fleet, and Admiral Caldwell is said to have talked to Steiner personally to welcome him back from his ordeal.

Also this week, Alliance forces on Titan, after bitter ground fighting, have finally secured the capital Talius. The last compound to be captured was the Coalition's headquarters. Several high-ranking officers and officials have been captured and arrested. All are to face war crimes charges.

December 8, 2161. Admiral Kulov, while being escorted from the ANS Yamato to Alliance Command near Neptune, escaped. The Black Guard, headed by Ivan "The Butcher" Petrov, attacked and completely destroyed his escort, the Ronin squadron. Alliance Command is furious that Kulov has been allowed to slip from their grasp. The Tigers, who lost their sister squadron, are said to be even more determined to destroy the Black Guard once and for all.

Klaus Steiner, rescued a few weeks ago, gave his first interview yesterday. He refused to go into details about his ordeal, but applauded the bravery of his rescuers, and stated that he is now rested and ready to rejoin the fight against the Coalition.

December 30, 2162. Alliance forces finally liberated Titan this week, overrunning the last pocket of Coalition resistance. The Coalition had held out in their Mountain Fortress near the settlement of Banick, until Allied Marines breached their perimeter. There are reports of rogue bands of Coalition troops hiding around Titan, but all organized defenses have been broken. \nAlliance engineers are hard at work rebuilding Titan's infrastructure to get much needed supplies of food for its people and materials for the war effort back online.

Alliance war crimes representatives have begun investigations on Titan. Reports are still vague, but it seems that in one settlement just outside of Talius nearly 1,000 bodies were discovered.

In more news this week, the Alliance Fleet has once again struck hard at the Coalition. In a daring raid the Tigers, supported by the Cougars and other units, destroyed the Coalition's Second Fleet Command Ship the CS Varyag, as well as its supporting craft. The Coalition can no longer threaten a counter offensive against Titan.

January 21, 2162. Alliance forces, after regrouping for repair and resupply around Titan, have begun to push against the Coalition. Reports suggest that the Alliance is moving towards the strategic hub of Europa, Ganymede, and Io. The liberation of these moons, and their industrial strength, is crucial for victory.

Although Alliance forces have managed to push the Coalition back, it has been at great cost. With the loss of several front line carriers, and veteran wings such as the Vampires and Ronin, the Alliance knows it must get Titan's economy back to full strength to reinforce their strength. Recruitment won't be a problem, however. Since the liberation of Titan, there has been no shortage of volunteers.

Reports this week have also come through of the impressive 45th Tigers attacking one of the Coalition's main supply depots around Jupiter and capturing much needed supplies. We should have further details on this operation in later broadcasts.

February 16, 2162. Alliance High Command has reported that the Yamato and the 45th Tigers engaged and destroyed the infamous Coalition carrier the Pukov and its fighter contingent, the Black Guard. No news has yet been received as to the outcome of the battle but sources close to the military suggest both ships were heavily damaged. We know, however, that the Yamato survived the encounter.

Reports also indicate that the war criminal Ivan Petrov, who was involved in the engagement, is still at large. Alliance Command vows that he will be captured or killed.

Other elements of the Alliance Fleet have also pushed forward, drawing lines of conflict around Jupiter. Once again, however, there are reports that the Coalition, bolstered by new fleets created in the shipyards on Earth and Mars, is preparing for another assault on Alliance forces.