Starlancer Wiki

Some Alliance and Coalition fighters have prototype devices or other unique features. If your ship has any of these advanced technologies they will be noted in the displayed ship’s data on the loadout computer (see “Fighter Selection and Loadout”).

Reverse Thrust[]

Ships equipped with reverse thrust can fly backwards.

To enable reverse thrusters press SHIFT+TAB. Reverse thrusters consume afterburner fuel.

Spectral Shields[]

These shields attune and counter the most frequently used type of energy-based enemy fire — providing immunity from that specific attack. They rapidly drain power and can be used only for a limited duration, indicated by a timer bar beneath the icon.

To enable spectral shields, press SEMICOLON (;).


Advanced Alliance ships are equipped with cloaking capabilities, rendering them virtually invisible to an opponent’s sensors. To activate this feature, press K. Cloaking can be used only for a brief duration, indicated by a timer bar beneath the icon, before it requires recharging. If you fire your weapons, cloaking becomes inoperative.

Blind Fire[]

When activated by pressing SHIFT+F, your guns automatically track any target within the HUD’s central targeting cluster. Only functions when a single weapon type is selected and reduces fire rate.