Robert Foster

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Robert Foster
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Alliance Insignia.png Western Alliance
45th Tigers
ANS Reliant

Robert Foster is a character in Starlancer.

Background[edit | edit source]

Captain of the ANS Reliant, a veteran who came out of retirement after both of his sons were killed in action at the outbreak of the war. Realizing that the Alliance faced a critical shortage of pilots, he proposed the creation of the 45th Volunteer squadron. An accomplished and resourceful tactician, he commands great respect from his officers and crew. His career spans nearly four decades, from flying combat fighters to the command of the largest ships in the fleet. Preferring active service to hiding in a command bunker, he deftly avoided promotion to a higher rank. He retired as the Alliance's most decorated ship captain. A tough and resilient leader.

Military history[edit | edit source]

Graduated top of his class at the Academy. Extensive military experience as both a pilot and commander. Served in both the Lunar Conflict and the Europa uprising. Highly decorated with a long and distinguished career. Qualified on all known Alliance fighters and carrier class ships.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

  • Captain Foster is your commanding officer until he dies, ramming the Reliant into CS Volga. He also issues medals for special accomplishments.

Gallery[edit | edit source]