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Red Dragon
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East Asian Federation
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Golden Warriors
Red Dragon

Red Dragon (Red Dragon) is a character in Starlancer.

Background[edit | edit source]

A Coalition ace and the squadron leader of the Golden Warriors, one of the Federation's most secretive squadrons. Little is known about this flyer hence the reference to his callsign "Red Dragon." However, his squadron was reported to have been involved in several battles and he led several highly successful Coalition attacks in the early days of the conflict. Since then it is believed that the Golden Warriors have been involved in covert operations or the protection of high-security facilities. A natural leader and a calculating and aggressive flyer. Engage with extreme caution. Highly dangerous.

Military history[edit | edit source]

Not known. A total of 38 unconfirmed kills. Believed to be qualified on all known Coalition fighter craft.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

  • Mission 12: On March 6, 2161, Red Dragon and his Azan wing try to stop the Alliance from securing the fuel cells necessary to implement their own warp technology.
  • Mission 22: Red Dragon is reused in the mission, responding to the attack on Kronstadt.

Gallery[edit | edit source]