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Nanny ship is an Alliance rescue / re-supply in Starlancer.


This long-range re-supply and refuel ship is used by small spacecraft including fighters and torpedo bombers. The Nanny has a reputation for always being there when needed. When a combat pilot is forced to eject, Nanny ships provide a vital lifeline as a rescue and pick up vessel.

Although slow and cumbersome to fly, Nanny ships are extremely well armored and capable of surviving several direct missile hits. Their powerful shield and decoy systems make them a tough target for enemy fighters. They are armed with laser defense turrets, which provide a limited deterrent, but offer no real offensive function.


  • Nannies are typically encountered on recovery missions and require protection most of the time.
  • Mission 10: A Nanny is a crucial stopover, resupplying and repairing your fighter midway through the mission.