Mission 8

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Mission 8
Mission 8.png
October 30, 2160
  • Defend the Reliant against the Krasnaya
  • Destroy the Krasnaya
Major targets
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Mission 8 takes place on October 30, 2160 and is part of the Guerrilla War campaign.

Briefing[edit | edit source]

Heads up, pilots.

We have received orders from HQ to go directly to Fort Carter for repairs an resupply. At our current speed, we should make our destination by 2200 hours. Proceed with caution, as our route takes us through areas of reported Coalition activity.

In order to be safe, you will be riding in front of and behind the Reliant - just in case we encounter any unwelcome guests. We are vulnerable to attack and need those repairs. A couple of torpedoes could take us out, so make sure to stay alert!

Pay attention out there!

Recommended loadout[edit | edit source]

  • Coyote is a good bet for the mission, as it has the right balance of speed and armor. Adding an afterburner pod is a good idea to help cover the distances.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • After launching from the carrier, take up escort positions. Soon, the CS Krasnaya jumps in through a warp hole and engages the Reliant, launching torpedoes and a wing of Sabers. Focus on the sabers and hold off on the missiles. Once all the torpedoes are taken out, the Coalition will launch another torpedo strike from three Kamovs that jump in around the carrier. You need to destroy a total of twelve torpedoes coming in from all three directions. Taking them out is crucial - four torpedoes mean the Reliant goes down. That's why a fighter with Blind Fire is immensely helpful here. Klaus Steiner will jump in with the Vampires to help keep the pressure off of you.
  • Then you're ordered to close in with the Krasnaya and take out her turrets. Match speed and let it rip, especially if you also use ECM to make it impossible for the carrier's turrets to target you. Keep hammering them until they're all gone - then you are ordered to take out the rest of the enemy wing to clear the way for Gamma wing (which, as usual, launches prematurely). Compared to other missions, this is fairly easy to do. Once Gamma wing closes in and launches their torpedoes, the mission ends in success!

Outcomes[edit | edit source]

  • Success+: Krasnaya destroyed and no torpedo hits on the Reliant.
  • Success: Krasnaya destroyed and one torpedo hit on the Reliant.
  • Partial success: Krasnaya destroyed and up to three torpedoes hit the Reliant.
  • Partial fail: Krasnaya escapes
  • Fail plus kickout: Reliant is destroyed with four torpedo hits