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Mission 7 takes place on September 22, 2160 and is part of the Operation Shield campaign.


OK, people, listen up.

Intelligence reports have confirmed that the CS Rameses, a Russian carrier, is currently en route to rendezvous with an incoming Coalition battlegroup. We believe she is shy on fighter support, leaving her open for attack.

Our first objective will be to intercept the Rameses and eliminate any remaining fighters. Secondly, we will need to get up close and take out her flak turrets. With the Rameses' defenses neutralized, Gamma wing can start their torpedo run.

We must strike quickly; if we take too long, we will have an incoming Coalition battle group crashing our party. If all goes to plan, we'll have a Coalition carrier scalp to add to the kill board, but remember to stick to the game plan and pay attention to your comms.

Welcome to the big show, 45th.

Recommended loadout[]

  • This is a large mission that immediately goes sideways. The Coyote is an effective, well-rounded fighter, especially if loaded with Screamer pods or a Jackhammer or two to take on the carrier and get rid of Al-Rahan.


  • Right after you launch from the Reliant, mission objectives change. The Ramases isn't meeting up with a battle group, but attacking Fort Baxter. Enriquez joins the flight and you all jump out to the Fort, only to witness the barrage from the Ramases destroy the entire station. She jumps out afterwards, leaving you with four Sabers. The ANS Reliant jumps out after her, giving chase.
  • Part of the crew manages to reach the escape pods and your next goal is to protect them until Nanny ships can pick them up. This is far harder than it looks, as the pods are tiny and the enemy fighters plentiful and just a short distance away. Taunting, using a Havoc, or ordering your wingmen to engage fighters can help complete the bonus objective. It's actually met even if just one pod survives, as long as it's the one with General Makin, commander of Fort Baxter. If you manage to eliminate the fighters before the pods are picked up, Ronin arrive to relieve you.
  • You are then ordered to pursue CS Ramases, which turned to the Reliant. You jump in the middle of the fight and are immediately jumped by a wing of Saracen fighters led by Al Rahan. Al Rahan can't be killed in this mission, so give him a good pounding to make him jump out, then wipe out the rest of his wing.
  • Once that's done, you're ordered to attack the Ramases' shield generator and flak turrets. Taking them out will allow Gamma wing to make its run against the carrier and wipe it out. However, you will have to defend against another wing of Saracens. Losing one bomber is acceptable, as it will wipe the carrier out as well.
  • Taking too long in defeating the Ramases or losing Gamma wing will force the Reliant to jump out and the mission will be flagged a failure. However, you will get a chance at revenge in Mission 20, where you can destroy both Al-Rahan and the CS Rameses once and for all.
  • If Reliant takes too much damage, it will explode and you'll land on the ANS Yamato - only to be kicked out to another posting, ending the game.


  • Success: CS Rameses destroyed.
  • Fail: CS Rameses survives, ANS Reliant damaged.
  • Fail and kick-out: Reliant destroyed.