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Mission 13 takes place on April 15, 2161 and is part of the Frontier Operations campaign.


OK, listen up and pay careful attention, this might be interesting.

Our supply lines to the front have recently come under attack from some old friends of yours, Colonel McGann and company. High Command wants them out of the way and we've been given the gig-we won't disappoint.

We have got a large shipment of arms on its way to the front and we've made sure that word has leaked out about it. With any luck McGann and friends will turn up expecting some easy pickings. The convoy's fighter escort is under instructions to fire off a few rounds and then bug out.

Your orders are to track McGann and the shipment back to their base, then and only then will you be given the green light to strike Wipe out McGann's fighters and Gamma wing will do the rest.

Recommended loadout[]

  • This is a mission with plenty of fighters to kill and limited time to do so (whenever isn't this the case?). Raptors are a good choice, mounted on a ship with Blind Fire, especially the Coyote. Pack a pod of Screamers for dealing with a pesky special weapon.


  • Immediately after launching, the Crimson Sky, a Mammoth-class carrier and the bait for the pirates, jumps in escorted by Col. Tanner and the Pumas. Col. Tanner will enjoy hunting down McGann and his cronies. After confirming the Mammoth crew has control of the Sky from the Lonestar shuttle, the bait jumps out, with the Tigers shadowing them one nav behind.
  • Jump out with the Tigers to Nav 1. As the Pumas jump out, a rogue Coalition wing jumps in to crash the party. The Black Suns bring six Sabers and two Saracens to the fight. Do note that Gamma wing is wide open, so you might want to either expedite wiping out the enemy fighters or protect Gamma wing. After the deed's done, Col. Tanner will contact you to verify the situation. However, McGann shortly breaks their party. The Crimson Sky launches its dummy ejection pods, while the rest of the convoy, consisting of the other Mammoth and Lonestar, jumps back to Nav 2. Unfortunately, they are followed by McGann's forces warping in moments later.
  • The renegade wing consists of a Reaper, Patriot, Mirage IV, and a Grendel. Beta-9, the Lonestar, will jam their communications and give you a 2 minute window to wipe the enemy fighters out (failing to do so is a fail and dismissal). With just four and a full wing this shouldn't take long. Once they're gone, the Pumas jump back in and the Tigers scan the nav remotely. McGann's people move fast and soon jump out. You're cleared to enter the nav. As it turns out, McGann's forces tagged the ejection pod to leave no witnesses. Alpha 5 scans the exit activity and locates the pirate base.
  • Warp out. You arrive at Fort Vanguard, an Alliance fort tagged at the start of the conflict. Gamma hangs back while Tigers close in to investigate. The Fort appears dead, but once you're near, it suddenly goes online and the ion cannon takes out one of the Pumas. Once the cutscene's over, immediately attack the ion cannon with everything you have. Dump your Screamers and keep hammering till it's gone.
  • Six Lokis will detach from the fort and attack. They're an easy kill. Problems start when the actual pirates launch, led by McGann. He welcomes you in his usual fashion, with bluster and boasts. His Phoenix is well armed and armored and McGann flies aggressively and erratically. Get on his tail and dump Bandits and Raptors up his tailpipe. If he jumps out, the mission is a failure and you're drummed out. Mcgann's wingmates are a mix of Alliance and Coalition defectors flying a Haidar, Patriot, Coyote, Lagg
  • McGann will call for Viper for backup. Your old wing leader joins the battle once McGann chews the void. He explains Mcgann made him an offer he couldn't refuse and jumps in with a full wing of renegade pirates, claiming he's the headman now. Killing him completes the bonus objective. His wingmen fly Alliance vessels, including a Crusader, Naginata, and Patriot.
  • After they're taken care of, Gamma wing closes in on Fort Vanguard and launches its torpedoes. They close in, tag the Fort a second time, and you can return home in a blaze of glory. Col. Tanner is impressed and incredibly happy with the performance if you wipe out both traitors.


  • Success+: McGann and Viper killed.
  • Success: McGann killed.
  • Fail + kickout: Lose both bombers, fail to eliminate the renegades in under 2 minutes, fail to kill McGann.