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Mission 12 takes place on March 6, 2161 and is part of the Frontier Operations campaign.


It looks like we've been given a new name. Congratulations, Tigers. It seems that the recruits I've been given a few months ago have earned their wings! Now back to business.

Tech division has informed us that they are about to bring our own Warp Gate system online. However, a lack of fuel cells is holding this up. Fortunately, Intelligence has identified a Coalition mining base that is producing fuel cells for their Warp Gates. Our mission is to liberate some of this fuel and destroy the facility.

You will be providing fighter support for a Japanese squadron called the Ronin, flying off of the ANS Yamato. By all accounts they are a top class outfit. Also along for the ride will be a detachment of Rippers; their task will be to grab the fuel cells.

On takeoff, link up with the Rippers and jump ahead to Nav 1, where you will rendezvous with the Ronin. You must then hold position with the Rippers while the Ronin jump forward on a decoy attack to draw away the base's fighter unit. On their signal, you and the Rippers should move in.

Your first objective will be to take out the base's defensive turrets. Your second objective is to blow the service door to the base's depot hanger. You will then escort the Rippers to the interior of the base. Once inside, the Rippers will locate and secure the fuel cell containers and make a fast exit. You will then tag the remaining fuel cells using your lasers. This will start a fusion buildup, which in turn will create a chain reaction throughout the depot. Get well out of range when it blows. Finally, escort the Rippers to Fort Sherman, and then return to the Reliant.

We have our new name, now live up to it!

Recommended loadout[]

  • This is a mission where you will need a good amount of firepower to take out the turrets and the enemy fighter wing to protect the Rippers. The Coyote is a good choice, as usual, especially since you have access to the Raptor missiles, three per hardpoint. Pack as many as you can.


  • You launch from the Reliant and muster your forces with the rest of the Tigers. After the Rippers are ready to jump, you head out to the ANS Yamato, where the Ronin are launching. After exchanging well wishes, the Ronin start their mock assault on the Stalag. After a few moments, they start withdrawing, pulling much of the Stalag's contingent away from the base. Bandit orders you and the Rippers to head on in.
  • The Stalag has a surprise waiting, in the form of a wing of four Coalition Sabers and Laggs. Bandit orders the Rippers to hang back while you go to town on fighters - an easy task. Afterwards, you have to eliminate the four laser turrets around the hatch. Bandit will fly on inside and it's advised that you follow, as there's numerous laser turrets inside the Stalag and they need to be taken out for the Rippers to safely grab the fuel cells. They only need to grab two.
  • After they're clear of the Stalag, Bandit will instruct you to tag the remaining fuel cells with your primary weapons, as per the briefing. Shortly afterwards, a wing of four Golden Warriors Azans jumps in to harass the Rippers. You might want to stay outside to score a few easy kills on the light fighters, otherwise the rest of the wing is usually pretty competent at dealing with them. Tagging the fuel cells should be done from the entryway and then you should get out at full burn. The blast is very damaging and can easily destroy your fighter or knock it back to critical damage. For this reason, it's best to wait until all incoming messages clear, so that you don't keep firing past due.
  • Afterwards, you jump out with the Rippers to Fort Carter. However, you're not home free yet, as a wing of six Azans led by Red Dragon himself jumps in. This is the only opportunity to wipe him out, so switch targets until you have Golden Warriors Leader in your reticle, then let him have it. Don't rely on main guns, just hit him with three to four Raptors. He can't shake that many at circa 60 units of distance and you'll add another scalp to the killboard.
  • Once they are taken out, jump to the ANS Reliant and land for another mission well done.


  • Success+: Both Rippers survive, Stalag and Red Dragon out of the picture.
  • Success: Both Rippers survive and Stalag destroyed.
  • Partial success: Both Rippers survive, Stalag survives.
  • Partial fail: One Ripper lost.
  • Fail: Both Rippers lost.