Mission 11

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Mission 11
Mis 11 Czar.png
January 4, 2161
Orbit of Saturn

307th Vampires

Major targets
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Mission 11 takes place on January 4, 2161 and is part of the Guerrilla War campaign.

Briefing[edit | edit source]

OK, settle down and listen up.

Intelligence has received reports that the Coalition has almost finished the construction of a new super carrier, the Czar, which, looking at its stats, will outclass any ship in the Alliance fleet. To make matters worse, we've also been informed that the Coalition now has a new advanced Warp Gate system online. If used in conjunction with the Czar, the consequences for the Alliance could be dire.

Using captured Coalition data, our tech division has produced a prototype warp projector capable of creating a temporary wormhole big enough for a single fighter to slip through-ideal for covert operations. The warp projector requires 15 seconds to charge before firing, they're still a little unstable, so use them only as directed.

Upon reaching the shipyard facility, your first objective will be to punch a hole through the orbiting satellite defense turrets. Next objective will be to engage any Coalition fighters in the vicinity. With the fighter defense neutralized, move on to the facility's defensive turrets. Once the fighters and defensive turrets are out of the way, Gamma wing will torpedo the Czar's main hull while the target designation ship locates the carrier's twin power cores. With the power core pinpointed, launch your Jackhammer missiles and evacuate the area.

As you've probably assumed by now, this mission is of vital importance; so fortunately, you won't be going alone. Coming along for the ride will be a contingent from the Vampires. Due to his experience, squadron leader Klaus Steiner will be in overall command of the mission, so whatever he says, goes.

Everyone clear?

Recommended loadout[edit | edit source]

  • Unlike the previous mission, this one will require you to have two Jackhammers in stock, so keep that in mind when you pick the loadout. The Coyote is a good balance of speed and firepower, but a heavier fighter might be preferable if you want an easier time hunting satellites down without getting shot down.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • The mission starts with the usual launch from the ANS Reliant. After a few moments, you are informed that the Vampires were held up and you have to jump out alone, as usual. Gamma wing launches shortly and holds back, waiting for the power core to be located and exposed for their strike. Bandit orders the unit to jump out to the target area, taking you by warp all the way to Jupiter.
  • The Czar will be straight ahead, protected by four Loki fighters and three Kurgen corvettes, as well as several Grazer and Archer satellites on top of the dual laser turrets all over the dock. You have your work cut out for you, so get to it. Taking out the satellites is necessary to progress in the mission, but you might want to take the Lokis first to make your life easier. The satellites are very weak and don't stand a chance against your primary weapons. Even after given the all clear and Alpha 5 starts scanning the target for the power core location, keep taking out satellites, then attack the turrets on the Czar's dock to clear the way.
  • With no way to find the power core from the outside, brass sends a boarding ship in, escorted by six Vampires under Klaus Steiner. Shortly after clearing the path, CS Yevstafiy jumps in and releases a flight of four Azans. Focus on the fighters to clear the way for the ship to reach the Czar. The Yevstafiy can't be destroyed, but it can be defanged by taking out its turrets and engines. You ought to be able to clear the area of any hostiles by the time the boarding crew finishes and disengages.
  • Gamma will enter the area and launch a torpedo volley at the Czar, temporarily knocking out its primary power shields. Now you have sixty seconds to arm the Jackhammer missile and get to the aft section of the Czar, to the rear service bay. Use your primary weapons to take out the service cover, then one Jackhammer on the vent hatch and another on the twin power cores inside. Then make a 180 and get out of Dodge even while it's flying.
  • After the Czar explodes, Steiner congratulates everyone and orders you out of the mission area. At the ANS Reliant, you will receive another compliment (or be berated for failing to destroy it). Land to conclude the mission and the second campaign. The 45th receives a new moniker in recognition of their achievement: The 45th Tigers, while you receive the Black Eagle for destroying the Czar and the Long-Range Forces Commendation Medal for completing the campaign.

Outcomes[edit | edit source]

  • Success+: Czar destroyed and boarding ship survives after docking.
  • Success: Czar destroyed, boarding ship lost after locating the power cores.
  • Fail: Czar survives or boarding ship lost before finding the power cores.