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Kamov (Камов) is a Coalition torpedo bomber in Starlancer.


The Coalition's newest and most versatile torpedo bomber hits harder and faster than anything seen before. Using ultraviolet beam targeting, these ships are deadly due to their speed and accuracy. Their advantage is further increased by the fact that they possess a standard cloaking device that allows them to evade detection and strike where they're least expected. They are also quite uncomfortable for the pilots to fly.


  • Kamovs are encountered almost every other mission, launching torpedoes at Alliance targets like there's no tomorrow. Each carries four and the most effective way of dealing with them is to take them out before they manage to launch. Uniquely, the Kamovs are flown in one of the final missions, to take out CS Varyag in a criminal attack, posing as Coalition bombers.


Behind the scenes[]

  • Kamovs are named after the Kamov company.