Josef Stahl

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Josef Stahl
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Josef Stahl is a character in Starlancer.

Background[edit | edit source]

With a service record longer than the journey to Pluto, this guy has seen action on the ground of most occupied planets. A master of weapons and tactics, he splits responsibilities between deck officer and coordinating special ops missions. Rumor has it that in his prime he boarded a Russian command ship in a hard vacuum, killed the pilots, reprogrammed the autopilot to head out of the Sol system at maximum speed, and then jumped off the ship to be picked up by a support team. It's been suggested that the Russian officers on board only realized their fate after dinner when one of them noticed Pluto becoming a vanishing dot in space. Tough, firm, but fair.

Military history[edit | edit source]

Marine drill sergeant, transferred to naval duty at the start of the war. Special operations to command level.

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