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John McGann (Specter) is a character in Starlancer.


A brilliant tactician and fighter pilot, he has fought all over the Sol system for the Alliance. Naturally cunning, to the point where it became a concern for his senior officers. McGann has a long and distinguished career in covert and front-line operations.

Military history[]

Academy standard training. Made squadron leader after four years. 42 confirmed kills. All fighters and troop ships.


  • Mission 5: August 15, 2160, McGann and his outfit, the Cobras, participate in a critical supply run meant to bolster the ailing alliance. However, the Cobras and McGann soon go rogue, absconding with the transports and starting to prey on Alliance and Coalition shipping lanes.
  • Mission 13: April 15, 2161. McGann and the rogue Cobras are duped into hijacking a tracked cargo carrier, leading the Tigers and the Pumas to Fort Vanguard, their headquarters. There, the ex-Colonel makes his last stand together with his pirates.