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Ivan Petrov (Иван Петров), callsign Chekan (Чекан, Warhammer), is a character in Starlancer.


Leader of the Black Guard, the Republic's top gun squadron. Petrov is without question the Republic's premier ace who fights alongside his younger brother Nicolai as his second in command. The Black Guard has been used frequently to subdue internal uprisings and colonial disputes. The brothers and their Black Guard are the nemesis of the Alliance Forward Fleet. Cold and calculating with a hatred for the Alliance, they are out-and-out killers. He has a wealth of combat experience against the Alliance. Cold blooded, cunning, and fearless with a high intelligence. Highly dangerous. Engage with extreme caution.

Petrov is known as The Butcher among Alliance soldiers. He earned his name after he ordered the execution of prisoners and civilians when Alliance forces finally surrendered on Mars.

Military history[]

Graduated from the Republic's Fleet Academy. A total of 60 known kills. Qualified on all known Coalition fighter craft.


  • Mission 16: On July 11, 2161, Ivan is responsible for wiping out the Vampires and destroying the Bremen, flying with his squadron off the Pukov. He loses his brother, Nicolai, to the 45th Tigers, however, but flees before they can finish the job.