Starlancer Wiki

Although Starlancer cannot natively run on modern systems (crashes the moment you transition from interactive videos for the menus, carrier, and ITAC to regular gameplay), it can be made to run. To do so:

  • Download and install dgVoodoo 2 in the game's directory:
    • Copy the contents of the MS folder into the root directory, together with the control panel to adjust features to your liking.
    • The program is a wrapper that emulates cards that can run Starlancer with no problems and can be used to force various resolutions.
    • Together with changes in starlancer.ini, you can run the game at any desired resolution, although the game is hardcoded for a 4:3 aspect ratio.
  • Install the Starlancer crash fix, which also solves the CPU affinity bug, ensuring the game only runs on a single core.
  • Some systems might require additional steps, such as removing the game's reliance on features removed in Windows 10. See this article for details.

Welcome to the war, pilot!

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