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Coalition squadrons are the backbone of the Coalition's war effort, drawn from soldiers all over the Coalition's territories. They tend to be zealously dedicated to the cause of the coalition and fight to the last pilot without fail. Many squadrons ignore the laws of warfare at the behest of their commanders and are wanted by the Alliance for war crimes.


Name Class Leader Base Nation
Black Guard Ace Fighters Ivan Petrov CS Pukov Eastern Republic
Black Sun Ace Fighters Hakeem Sharif CS Kozah Tigris Confederation
Golden Warriors Ace Fighters Red Dragon Unknown East Asian Federation
Saracens Ace Fighters Al-Rahan CS Rameses Tigris Confederation
Scorpions Fighters Kariq Madiz Saladin Tigris Confederation
Black Eagles Ace Fighters Pytor Lytanov CS Varyag Eastern Republic
Ravens Fighters Katrina Illyanya CS Boridin Eastern Republic
Sabers Fighters Vladimir Kaspov CS Gegarin Eastern Republic