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The main campaign of Starlancer covers The Sol War, from the Deimos Betrayal and the surprise attack across Sol, to the ultimate defeat of the Coalition in outer Sol. You are a recruit in the 45th Volunteers, joining the Alliance in the struggle against the Coalition.

List[edit | edit source]

Demo[edit | edit source]

The Starlancer Demo version has two additional missions

Main game[edit | edit source]

The following breakdown lists all the missions in the game. However, several missions were cut, as indicated by configuration files and ITAC transcripts.
Fun fact
Counting only the capital ships where the 45th participates in the attack, the squadron is responsible for over 4 000 military deaths alone.
Order Campaign Date Summary Killboard
Capital ships Aces Other
Mission 1 Operation Shield June 24, 2160 The 45th fly their first combat sortie, protecting a retreating British convoy.
Mission 2 July 10, 2160 A straightforward sweep for Coalition hunting packs alongside the 110th Pumas leads to a confrontation with capital ships. CS Kirov*

CS Zakov*

Mission 3 July 19, 2160 Search for the ANS Mantis' black box reveals the Coalition's warp gate program and leads to Venus - briefly.
Mission 4 August 7, 2160 The 45th protect the Condors as they patch up the Alliance's early warning satellite network.
Mission 5 August 15, 2160 Supplies are critical and the 45th, together with the 705th Cobras, are ordered to protect a retreating supply train. CS Badanov*
Mission 6 August 26, 2160 ANS Ulysses is bringing vital members of Alliance command to confer on the course of the war. The 45th provide cover.
Mission 7 September 22, 2160 A trap intended for the CS Rameses goes awry as the Saracens and their carrier attack Fort Baxter and the Reliant. CS Rameses Al-Rahan
Mission 8 Guerrilla War October 30, 2160 Following the encounter with the Ramases, the damaged Reliant limps to Fort Carter for repairs. CS Krasnaya
Mission 9 November 13, 2160 The Alliance targets a forward Coalition battle group to gain intelligence and knock another fang out of its maw. CS Kozah
Mission 10 November 21, 2160 In order to counter the Coalition's warp technology, the Alliance targets a forward command base that guides the warp attacks. Latov Base
Mission 11 January 4, 2161 The Coalition is about to deploy a new super carrier. The 45th are called in to take it out in dock. CS Czar
Mission 12 Frontier Operations March 6, 2161 The newly christened Tigers launch an attack on the Stalag deep in Coalition space, to secure fuel cells for Alliance warp tech. Red Dragon Stalag
Mission 13 April 15, 2161 The Tigers tie up loose ends and wipe out the pirates operating under John McGann, a former special forces operator. John McGann

Brad Callan

Fort Vanguard
Mission 14 May 25, 2161 In order to curtail Coalition warp operations, the Alliance attacks the warp gate command hub. CS Krasny Warp gate hub
Mission 15 June 24, 2161 A sector sweep turns deadly when the Coalition Forward Fleet attacks the Reliant. Reliant is lost. CS Kiev

CS Yevstafiy

Mission 16 July 11, 2161 Turning the tide of the the war, the Alliance hits the remnants of the Forward Fleet after Foster's sacrifice. CS Morzov Nicolai Petrov
Mission 17 Advance to Titan August 11, 2161 To gain intelligence for the attack on Titan, the Alliance launches a raid to capture a Coalition admiral.
Mission 18 September 21, 2161 Clearing the way for Titan's capture requires destroying the ion cannon platform the Coalition has in place. Dark Reign
Mission 19 Battle of Titan November 5, 2161 The good news is that Steiner is alive. The bad? He's on the Saladin. You are to get him out. Kariq Madiz
Mission 20 December 8, 2161 The Coalition is seeking to reinforce Titan. The Tigers are sent to interfere with that objective. CS Ufelsky

CS Rameses1

Katrina Illyanya


Mission 21 December 30, 2161 With the Second Fleet nearing Titan, the Alliance decides to perfidiously attack its heart. CS Varyag

CS Kozlov

CS Shinnik

CS Bulatov

Mission 22 Final Strike January 21, 2162 With supplies low and the Yamato aching, the Alliance fleet targets the Kronstadt to resupply. Red Dragon2 Kronstadt
Mission 23 February 16, 2162 The final showdown with the Black Guard takes place as Yamato engages it in a close quarters battle. CS Pukov
Mission 24 February 28, 2162 Victory in outer Sol necessitates taking out the CS Borodin, Coalition's forward command station. CS Borodin Ivan Petrov

Vladimir Kulov

1 - If neither was eliminated in Mission 7.

2 - Due to an apparent oversight, Red Dragon reappears in the mission.

Missions cut[edit | edit source]

A total of four missions were cut:

  • Two between mission 11 and 12 (m12 and m13). A mission description salvaged from the game's files is as follows:

The Alliance has made up some ground in the technology race with their warp projectors, and the next step is to match the Coalition's advanced warp systems and stealth capabilities. Alliance intelligence identifies an asteroid base that holds the Coalition's technology secrets, and the 45th's task is to escort a boarding team in a Limpet ship to the station, then punch a hole through the defensive perimeter to allow insertion of a boarding party.

Once the information has been gathered and the boarding party is clear, the 45th must destroy the asteroid station.

  • Another one was present between missions 14 and 15 (mis17):

The Tigers and Gamma wing launch a surprise attack on the CS Gegarin, a Class 1 carrier from the Coalition Forward Fleet.\n\nAfter engaging this ship with both fighter and torpedo attacks the two wings retreat to the Reliant, in order to lure the Gegarin and her support ships into pursuit. The Reliant leads the Gegarin into the Kaiserlauden asteroid belt where the ANS Mitchell and her squadron, the Cougars, are lying in wait.

  • The final cut (m22) is between missions 18 and 19:

Once again the ConNexus code proves to be invaluable. While the majority of the Alliance Fleet is engaged around Titan, intelligence discovers Coalition plans to attack Alliance Command off Neptune. The Coalition attack group is already underway, and their strength as yet is unknown. The Yamato is the only Alliance carrier in the sector capable of catching them before they strike Alliance Command, so it is given the job of stopping them.

  • Additionally, there are numerous leftovers in the game's files, including assets for colony buildings and surface units, indicating that at one point Starlancer would have been involved in supporting ground operations. This was apparently present in an older version, as all the released rendered movies are prefixed with new_ indicating a major makeover in production.