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CS Varyag is a Coalition class 1 carrier in Starlancer.


The flagship of the Coalition Second Fleet, the Varyag is one of the latest additions to the Coalition's carrier fleet. It is home to the Black Eagles, sister squadron of the Black Guard and equally deadly. The Varyag has been reported to be maintaining order by force throughout the occupied zones around Saturn and Jupiter.

Well armed and defended with the latest the Coalition has to offer in carrier technology, the Varyag can only be tackled in numbers by the Alliance.

The Varyag was used in the surprise attack at the outset of the Conflict and like the Pukov is believed to have one of the highest kill rates in the Coalition Fleet.


  • Mission 21: The Varyag is the flagship of the Coalition Second Fleet and is destroyed by the Tigers in the first stages of the battle in a perfidious strike, when they pose as Coalition forces using captured Kamovs.