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Brad Callan (Viper) is a character in Starlancer.


As wing leader, Viper is cautious and flies by the book. Rather than taking chances he operates methodically, wearing his opponents down. He's a highly motivated pilot with a proven track record, but he's seen little action to date because he was on leave at the start of the conflict.

Military history[]

Graduated near the top of his Academy class. Viper has been a career military man, but was on leave during the Coalition's opening salvo. Callan was immediately transferred into the 45th Volunteers as wing leader to pass on some of his experience to the younger and less experienced pilots. 33 confirmed kills before joining the 45th. Qualified on all levels of fighters, including small corvettes.


  • Viper is the 45th Volunteer's wing leader for the first few missions, however, he grows increasingly disillusioned with the course of the war. On August 15, 2160, he fakes his death in a jump drive malfunction and joins John McGann and the Cobras, who desert the Alliance to become pirates.
  • Mission 13: April 15, 2161. Brad Callan is the last line of defense for McGann's pirates.