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Black Guard (Черная Стража) is a Coalition Insignia.png Eastern Coalition squadron in Starlancer.


The infamous Black Guard is the most feared combat fighter unit in the conflict. Led by the brothers Ivan and Nicoli Petrov, they are renowned for their "No mercy" style of combat. Based on the CS Pukov, they have destroyed numerous unarmed science stations, as well as taken part in raids on civilian transports. Prior to the war, the Black Guard has been used frequently to subdue internal uprisings and colonial disputes. The Black Guard has also participated in covert ops against the Alliance before the war, including laying traps for Allied commanders. One such trap was broken up in 2158, during a border conflict near Mars, narrowly saved by Manzo Takamatsu and his wingmen.[1]

The Alliance wants desperately to take out the Black Guard, and the brothers are on the most wanted list along with Admiral Kulov. For much of the Sol War, the Black Guard would continue to plague Alliance shipping and logistics, performing surgical strikes deep behind enemy lines. Its luck ran out in February 16, 2162, when the ANS Yamato located CS Pukov and in a brutal pitched battle of attrition wiped out the Black Guard and destroyed the carrier. Survivors would evacuate to CS Borodin, the only remaining major command center in outer Sol.[2]