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Basilisk (Bасилиск) is a Coalition Insignia.png Eastern Coalition prototype medium fighter in Starlancer.


A next generation space fighter used exclusively by the Black Guard, the Basilisk is one of the most advanced and most powerful fighters in Sol. Fast, agile, well protected, and bristling with weapons on top of its cloaking ability, it's rightly feared by Alliance pilots. Coalition makes extensive use of the Black Guard, striking the Alliance deep behind enemy lines. The cloak is an integral part of this attrition strategy.


  • Perhaps the single finest fighter in the game - and one flown by Coalition pilots to boot. The best way to deal with Basilisks is to bring superior firepower and stay at the 20-30 unit range to ensure their high agility and speed don't prevent you from firing accurately. Alternatively, a Vagabond missile, which retains lock even if the target is cloaked, can be of use here.