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Alliance squadrons are the backbone of the Western Alliance's war against the Coalition, comprising men and women from all over the alliance, all with varying degrees of training, dedication, and competence.


Name Class Leader Base Nation Situation at end of Outer Sol Campaign
101st Hell Cats Ace Fighters Matt Moreno ANS Endeavor USA Carrier lost
105th Cougars Fighters Jack Cyprien ANS Mitchell USA
109th Maulers Fighters Tony Nilsen Fort Carter USA
110th Pumas Ace Fighters Jake Tanner ANS Washington USA
205th Marauders Ace Fighters Francois Duteux Fort Baxter France Fort destroyed
306th Jackals Fighters Joerg Ehlers ANS Koenig Germany
307th Vampires Ace Fighters Klaus Steiner ANS Bremen Germany Destroyed with carrier
311th Jaguars Ace Fighters Manfred Kogler ANS Koenig Germany
406th Blades Ace Fighters Shiro Matakitsui Fort Sherman Japan
409th Ronin Ace Fighters Manzo Takamatsu ANS Yamato Japan Destroyed
503rd Stingers Ace Fighters Zoran Granelli Fort Lomax Italy Destroyed
559th Hornets Ace Fighters Angelo Fuser ANS Roma Italy Destroyed
604th Buccaneers Ace Fighters Joe Dabo ANS Victorious Britain Carrier lost
605th Pirates Ace Fighters Sean Oliver ANS Intrepid Britain
606th Black Aces Fighters Robert Foe ANS Illustrious Britain
705th Cobras Special Operations Fighters John McGann ANS Illustrious Britain Deserted
45th Tigers Volunteer Fighters Maria Enriquez ANS Reliant Mixed Carrier lost; rebased to ANS Yamato
51st Volunteers Volunteer Fighters Ned Dundee Fort Austin Mixed Destroyed