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Alliance personnel refers to all uniformed members of the Western Alliance serving in the war against the Coalition.

Command staff[]

Name Age Nationality Ship
Robert Foster 57 UK ANS Reliant
Yoshinobu Mukai 55 Japan ANS Yamato


Name Age Nationality Ship Callsign Squadron
Matt Moreno USA 101st Hell Cats (Squadron Leader)
Jack Cyprien USA 105th Cougars (Squadron Leader)
Tony Nilsen USA 109th Maulers (Squadron Leader)
Jake Tanner 38 USA Coyote Eagle 110th Pumas (Squadron Leader)
Francois Duteux France 205th Marauders (Squadron Leader)
Joerg Ehlers Germany 306th Jackals (Squadron Leader)
Klaus Steiner 40 Germany Wolverine Wolf 307th Vampires (Squadron Leader)
Manfred Kogler Germany 311th Jaguars (Squadron Leader)
Shiro Matakitsui Japan 406th Blades (Squadron Leader)
Manzo Takamatsu 31 Japan Naginata Shogun 409th Ronin (Squadron Leader)
Zoran Granelli Italy 503rd Stingers (Squadron Leader)
Angelo Fuser Italy 559th Hornets (Squadron Leader)
Joe Dabo Britain 604th Buccaneers (Squadron Leader)
Sean Oliver Britain 605th Pirates (Squadron Leader)
Robert Foe Britain 606th Black Aces (Squadron Leader)
John McGann 36 USA Patriot Specter 705th Cobras (Squadron Leader)
Maria Enriquez 32 USA Coyote Red Fox 45th Tigers (Squadron Leader)
Brad Callan 35 USA Patriot Viper 45th Tigers (1st Wing Leader)
Mark Bannister 28 USA Tempest Bandit 45th Tigers (2nd Wing Leader)
Linc Stevenson 30 USA Wolverine Diceman 45th Tigers (3rd Wing Leader)
Mike Horrigan 54 USA Moose 45th Tigers
Jean-Marc Baptist 25 France Mirage Frenchy 45th Tigers
Julie Browne 35 UK Naginata Flash 45th Tigers
Jayne Davenport 28 USA Tempest Rhino 45th Tigers
Wayne DeForge 25 Canada Mirage Cutter 45th Tigers
Susanne De Griey-Birche 25 USA Mirage Arrow 45th Tigers
Cesare Frascati 26 Italy Patriot Nero 45th Tigers
Mike Harrison 26 USA Crusader Juice 45th Tigers
Meric Holmes 21 USA Coyote Worm 45th Tigers
Brad Jacks 24 Australia Coyote Skippy 45th Tigers
Takashi Kiyonaga 32 Japan Naginata Mayday 45th Tigers
Jordy Kruger 28 South Africa Grendel Trigger 45th Tigers
Doug McLeod 35 Scotland Reaper Claymore 45th Tigers
Michelle McRae 26 USA Predator Silky 45th Tigers
Mickey Meller 34 UK Wolverine Face 45th Tigers
Zack Merchant 25 USA Reaper Stalker 45th Tigers
Isabelle Santora 19 Italy Predator Vixen 45th Tigers
Jake Singleton 28 USA Crusader Ego 45th Tigers
Helen Wade 26 USA Coyote Hawkeye 45th Tigers
Ned Dundee Australian 51st Volunteers (Squadron Leader)

Other characters[]

Name Age Nationality Role
Josef Stahl 50 Germany Marine commander