ANS Victorious

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ANS Victorious
ANS Victorious.png
Alliance Insignia.png Western Alliance
Class 1 Carrier
69,000 tons
Ion Pulse Drive

604th Buccaneers

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ANS Victorious is an Alliance class 1 carrier in Starlancer.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Victorious and her sister ship the Washington came into service simultaneously in 2152, just in time to see some action in the last salvo of the Europa Conflict. When the Coalition sprang their opening offensive of the war, the Victorious was in dock receiving upgrades to her armor and weapons systems. Fortunately for the Alliance, both ships were able to begin covering the retreat to Neptune immediately after the attack and have safely brought in numerous convoys to the regrouping point around Triton and Neptune.

Both ships offer rapid deployment and substantial offensive firepower capable of taking on all but the latest generation of Coalition carriers. This allowed it to destroy a Coalition class 1 carrier that was attacking the ANS Yamato at the outset of the war, preventing the loss of the Alliance's greatest asset.

The Victorious also accommodates a very capable onboard fighter squadron, the 604th Buccaneers.

Encounters[edit | edit source]

  • In the demo, the Victorious is instrumental in saving the Yamato and the Ronin from a Coalition class 1 carrier that jumps in to ambush them.
  • Mission 15: Damaged in a running battle with the Coalition, the Victorious is forced to flee for safety.
  • Mission 18: The Victorious is lost with all hands when the Dark Reign ion cannon takes it out with just one blast.

Trivia[edit | edit source]