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ANS Reliant is an Alliance class 4 carrier in Starlancer.


Launched in 2125, this carrier saw extensive action in both the Lunar and Europa Conflicts. Decommissioned and retired twenty years ago, it was serving as an armed transport carrier between Io and Mars before being refitted with eight level-6 twin-laser turrets and called back to active duty at the outset of this war. Its commander, Captain Foster, served his first tour of duty on the Reliant 35 years ago and is a distinguished and respected captain with the Allied Fleet.

During previous engagements the Reliant was home to one of the most famous Alliance squadrons, The Hurricanes, whose name has forever been retired in Alliance annals after most of its pilots were killed when a shuttle computer malfunction caused it to burn up in the atmosphere off Jupiter. The Reliant is now home to the 45th Volunteer squadron, a group of newly commissioned pilots rapidly formed after hostilities began.

The re-commissioned Reliant and its newly formed squadron have been assigned front-line duties from the outset of this conflict. They will be counted on heavily with the other front-line carrier groups to slow the advance of the Coalition and give the Alliance time to regroup and rebuild.


The Reliant is the base carrier of the 45th Volunteers at the outset of the War. Though cramped and obsolete by modern standards, it proves surprisingly effective at supporting more modern carriers, thanks to the tenacity and skill of its fighter squadron.


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