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ANS Bremen is an Alliance class 1 carrier in Starlancer.


Named after the Free Hanseatic City in northwestern Germany, the ANS Bremen and her sister ship the ANS Koenig are two of the newest types of Strike carrier in the Alliance Fleet. They are both fast and agile, with solid defensive and offensive capabilities, making a formidable opponent. The Coalition has placed a high priority on the destruction of both ships. The famous Vampires, the Alliance's top fighter squadron led by Klaus Steiner, are assigned to the ANS Bremen.

The Bremen was involved in a critical defensive action that destroyed a Coalition strike force that endangered Triton Command, the last center of Alliance command and control not destroyed by the Coalition at the outset of the war. It was lost on July 11, 2161 with all hands and its squadron, destroyed in an ambush by the CS Pukov and the Black Guard.[1]


  • Mission 3: You meet up with the Bremen at the start of the mission, joining up with Steiner and his Vampires.
  • Mission 16: The Bremen is lost off-screen with all hands.



  1. Transcripts: "July 11, 2161. The last few weeks in the war have been a mix of great sorrow and fortune for the Alliance. This week brings the worst news for the Alliance since the beginning of the war. Klaus Steiner, top Allied ace and hero, along with the rest of the Vampire squadron were ambushed and killed by Ivan Petrov and the Black Guard. Their carrier the ANS Bremen was also destroyed. The news has shaken morale throughout the Alliance, as Steiner and his squadron were rated as the Alliance's best. Their demise at the hands of the Butcher Petrov has added insult to injury, for an Alliance that only weeks ago seemed to be turning the tide of the war. Admiral Caldwell called on Alliance forces to redouble their efforts in the wake of Steiner's death, calling on squadrons such as the Tigers to step up and help drive the Coalition out of the occupied territories."