705th Cobras

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705th Cobras
Viper Helmet.png
Alliance Insignia.png Western Alliance
Col. John McGann
Special operations
ANS Illustrious
Fort Vanguard (post-defection)
SL Sqdr 10.png

705th Cobras is a Alliance Insignia.png Western Alliance squadron in Starlancer.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Alliance's 705th squadron was in action long before the outbreak of this conflict. This veteran unit is led by their enigmatic leader Colonel John McGann. During early engagements, Coalition fighters nicknamed them the Cobras, due to their seeming ability to strike from nowhere with deadly effect. The unconventional tactical style of their leader has proven extremely successful in covert operations. Alliance High Command has considered promoting McGann on several occasions but believes his unconventional style may set a bad example. The Cobras kill ratio has been listed as high as 5-1, but is only confirmed as 3-1, as most operations have been long range or clandestine in nature.

Disillusioned with the course of the Sol War, the Cobras went rogue on August 15, 2160, after seizing cargo from a Coalition supply convoy and persuading a convoy of three Mammoth-class carriers to abandon the Alliance, leaving it in a critical condition. After preying for months on Alliance convoys, the Cobras and their commander were finally wiped out on April 15, 2161 in a combined attack by [[45th Volunteers] and 110th Pumas, losing Fort Vanguard, McGann, and his second in command, Brad Callan, former wing leader of the 45th.

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